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Create Engaging Content Mini Course


Build your Member Communication foundation with content designed to engage and retain your members. Plus an easy method for planning your content calendar.

2023 Strategic Member Communication & Events Mini Course

Receive plenty of inspiration to create an enviable calendar of Member Events AND have a well prepared communication plan for ultimate levels of Member Engagement.

The Create Engaging Content Mini Course contains:                            
  • Lesson 1: Create Engaging Content - build the foundation of your member communication strategy
  •  Lesson 1 Handout:follow along with the lesson and use for your team activity.
  • Lesson 1 Materials: Member Communication Content Guide Sample - A kick start to your team activity to create your own content guide so that no-one on your team ever runs out of ideas for content.
  • Lesson 2: Plan 1 Month of Content in 1 Day - put all of that content to work!
  • Lesson 2 Handout - a form to use to plan your content. 

When you purchase together with the 2023 Strategic Member Communication & Events Mini Course, you'll save $97! 

The Strategic Member Communication & Member Events Mini Course contains:

Lesson 1: Content & Communication Planning - learn the importance of strategic communication and how to use the content plan.
Lesson 1 Handout: follow along with the lesson and use the handout for the suggested team activity.
Lesson 1 Materials: also receive the 2023 Content & Communication Plan. This come pre-loaded with international and national holidays, historic dates of interest, and "hashtag holidays" appropriate for private clubs. This is a fully customizable spreadsheet which you can adjust to your organizational preferences. It includes October 2022 - December of 2023, to give you a few month to practice and prepare for next year.
Lesson 2: Event Ideas to WOW Your Members - month by month, I share easy-to-plan event ideas to help you fill your 2023 event calendar, inspired by the holidays included in your content plan.
Lesson 2 Handout: includes the dates mentioned in the lesson, and room to take notes for the spontaneous ideas I mention throughout. Includes a suggested team activity.

When you purchase together with the Create Engaging Content Mini Course, you'll save $97!

CMAA Members who enroll in the Master Classes and/or Mini Courses, and who complete all lessons, are eligible to receive “other education” credits. Upon enrollment, let Shanna know you want to receive your CMAA “other education” credits and you will be provided with additional information and requirements.

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Mini Course access will be provided to you once your purchase is complete. You will automatically receive your receipt and a confirmation email. Shanna will send you an email with more details and to confirm you have access to your materials.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee: I stand behind all my trainings and this one is no exception. I know if you put what you learn to use, awesomeness will ensue. If you are unhappy for any reason, I offer a full 30-day money back guarantee. Totally risk-free. Contact me by email within 30 days of your purchase, let me know why you want a refund, and I will provide you with one.

2023 Content Plan (Document Only)

The 2023 Content Plan comes pre-loaded with US and international holidays and observances, historical dates of interest, and "hashtag holidays"  appropriate for private clubs. It also includes monthly awareness topics. If you're confident in using the fully customizable content plan, and need no further instruction on strategy or event ideas, the 2023 Content Plan (document only) is $167. Once you complete your purchase, Shanna will email you with a confirmation and the content plan. Clicking the button below will take you directly to the Stripe payment page. Thank you so much!

Purchase the 2023 Content Plan (Document Only)

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Mini Courses made for YOU!

The Mini Courses are ideal for Communication Directors, Member Relations & Marketing Directors, Membership Directors, and General Managers. Every department has a role in Member Engagement, Communication, and Retention, and so all departments will benefit. The Mini Courses were created to give you a thorough education in much less time than the Master Classes. Dive in and enjoy! 

Highland Country Club

Shanna does not disappoint!  She provides great information, real world examples, and wonderful resource tools for you to refer to later.  I highly recommend Shanna's Workshops to both the newcomer and veteran in the private club industry, there is something shared that will resonate with everyone to enhance their skills. -  Amy Minnix

The Peninsula Club

Shanna was unbelievably helpful. She is not only very informative and full of wonderful advice, she speaks about clubs and the business in a way that makes you want to step your game up. I am walking away from her workshop with organizational tools and ideas that I don’t know how I have lived without before. I am also walking away excited and energized. - Lindsey Kreger

San Diego Yacht Club

Shanna is such a pleasure to learn from. She works hard to make her sessions casual and open for discussion at any point. She’s knowledgeable in Club Communications and makes you think outside of the box and change some of your club priorities. - Casey Allocco

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Shanna will hold live office hours to help guide you through the lessons and team activities. 

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For the cost of $997, you are receiving well over $7500 worth of education and consultation.

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Meet Shanna...

Shanna Bright is the Founder of Private Clubs Online and Bright Life Media. Her career in private clubs began as the Member Relations Director at City Club Los Angeles. Through Private Clubs Online, more than 1000 clubs across the US and internationally have participated in PCO programs. Shanna has spoken with several CMAA Chapters and has presented at national conferences for CMAA, CSCM, Asian Club Managers, ACCP and PCMA. She developed the online courses and membership program to deliver actionable strategies to improve engagement, communication and retention.