Member Engagement Strategy Sessions

Build strategy for Member Communication, Member Events, and Member Retention

It's time to think about next year... 

A coaching program to help you with your Member Engagement Strategy for 2023

It’s that time of year - planning budgets and developing strategy for next year. You spend a lot of time for operations, F&B, Golf, Tennis and all other departments - how much time do you spend on Member Engagement Strategy? Our communication, event and retention strategies are as impactful to revenue and dues as operations, so let’s get set up for a successful 2023.

I’m scheduling private Member Engagement Strategy Sessions for September and October. Only a handful of clubs can take advantage of this opportunity. Here’s what’s included:

  • Three, 1-hour sessions to build strategy for communication, events, and retention. ($1500 Value)
  • Access to the Create Engaging Content Mini Course and all updated course materials. ($397 Value)
  • The 2023 Strategic Content plan (pre-loaded with national and “hashtag” holidays) and updated course materials. ($167 Value)
  • Three months complimentary Magic Maker Membership ($291 Value)
  • Tailored sessions to tackle the topics most important to you.

Member Engagement Strategy Sessions are $1297. 

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Strategy Sessions made for YOU!

The Private Clubs Online Member Engagement Strategy Sessions coaching program offers advice and support for the Membership, Member Communication & Member Relations teams. Each sessions unique to you and what topics you want to focus on. In general, we can conduct our conversations around Member Communication, Member Events, and Member Retention. We can take a deep dive into one of those topics, or design our strategy sessions to specific issues you're having in your club. Before we begin our sessions, we'll connect through email and on the phone to determine the scope of work we want to cover.

Highland Country Club

Shanna does not disappoint!  She provides great information, real world examples, and wonderful resource tools for you to refer to later.  I highly recommend Shanna's Workshops to both the newcomer and veteran in the private club industry, there is something shared that will resonate with everyone to enhance their skills. -  Amy Minnix

The Peninsula Club

Shanna was unbelievably helpful. She is not only very informative and full of wonderful advice, she speaks about clubs and the business in a way that makes you want to step your game up. I am walking away from her workshop with organizational tools and ideas that I don’t know how I have lived without before. I am also walking away excited and energized. - Lindsey Kreger

San Diego Yacht Club

Shanna is such a pleasure to learn from. She works hard to make her sessions casual and open for discussion at any point. She’s knowledgeable in Club Communications and makes you think outside of the box and change some of your club priorities. - Casey Allocco

Meet Shanna...

Shanna Bright is the Founder of Private Clubs Online and Bright Life Media. Her career in private clubs began as the Member Relations Director at City Club Los Angeles. Through Private Clubs Online, more than 1000 clubs across the US and internationally have participated in PCO programs. Shanna has spoken with several CMAA Chapters and has presented at national conferences for CMAA, CSCM, Asian Club Managers, ACCP and PCMA. She developed the online courses and membership program to deliver actionable strategies to improve engagement, communication and retention.