$197.00 USD

2024 Creative Content Package

Save oodles of time and plenty of headaches!

The Creative Content Package includes:

  • 2024 Contenting Plan - two versions, both pre-loaded with US and International Holidays, historic dates of interest and "Hashtag Holidays"

  • 125 Pre-made promotional images for use in social media, email or newsletters, highlighting club industry favorite Hashtag Holidays. At east 10 per month

  • Content to enhance and compliment your planned member communication

Some graphics include animation or video. All are high quality and thoughtfully created with you and your members in mind. With the communication plan and all of the graphics, you'll begin each month knowing exactly what content you'll share with members!

I want to help you save time and headaches... I know it's tough to create even little piece of content that you want to share with your members. This package is perfect for when you're short on time but want to celebrate “Hashtag Holidays” like National Cheeseburger Day or International Beer Day.

The 2024 Creative Content Package is $197 per club.